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Welcome to the Reeley Web, the web page of Andy Reeley of Gloucester, England.

I write a bit, see the section on authoring. My latest book, Gibraltar Rock, published 1st December 2006. Available from Amazon and all good book resellers. Follow the link to the Gibraltar Rock section of the webpage for all the details.

The story continues the life of Edward the Government 'Analyst' and his new love Geraldine. As they begin to enjoy their new life together, a  terrible and traumatic event devastates them, threatening Geraldine's life and their love together. Whilst on a Caribbean holiday a seemingly dormant volcano brings terror to Anne and George, whilst a burglary at Anne's Cottage in the English Cotswold's leads to a horrifying act of Middle Ages savagery, forcing Edward to fight for the safety of his family and loved ones in the winding back streets of Gibraltar

My first book,Dubai Dream is also available. Follow the link to find out more.

For a bit of light relief, there is a 1200 word short story called Storm in the Night for your entertainment.

New short story added 'Alone With Me' It is kind of a continuation of a them first explored in 'Storm In The Night'. It may yet develop into a full novel.

Reeley Blog is a reasonably frequently updated web log which has the latest news.

There are also links about our travels which you may find useful, and finally bits about diabetes too.

Finding Hidden Travel Photos and Movies - TRAVELERS TIP

Plenty of travelers take photos and videos and then store them in accessible directories.

If you are one of those people that like exploring the web for info about your chosen destinations before you travel, here is a little something that might keep you amused. You can be very adventurous, and on different days the same searches will give different results, that is the wonder of the web for you.

For still images in JPG or GIF format:

You can specify both the file types and a search word to find something more specific in the file name. For example to find videos about the Sandals Hotel:

As you can see you can play with the search strings, and change the movie types (.mov etc) to fine tune your research until you get just what you need. You can even use it to find mp3 and mp4 files. Word of warning though, searching for some hotels may bring up entirely the wrong results, such as if you wanted to know about the Hilton Hotel in Paris, the results would be primarily about a publicity seeking heiress not the Paris Hilton hotel

The website is a work in progress, just like life, so I guess it'll spread a bit in the middle as it gets older.

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